Long Surimono

Turtles and Reflected Plum BranchRooster Hen Chicks and Blossoming Azalea BushesLarge LobsterPheasants Under Cherry Tree
Cranes Pine Shoots Plum Tree and Rising SunPlum Tree and Bamboo GrassIris Hydrangea Pinks and ChrysanthemumsBlossoming Cherry Trees by a Stream
Ancient Plum Tree in BloomOmodaka FlowersSparrows on Millstones with Hagi BushesCherry Tree at Mt Asuka
Japanese Kerri and Cherry Tree in BloomMaterials for Flower ArrangementBasket of Flowers with Bamboo BlindFlowers and Spring Greens in a Hat
Wheeled Writing TableBank of the Sumida River at MimeguriWinter LandscapeBay View
View of Mount Fuji from Izawa VillageShinobazu Pond and UenoMount Fuji with Cherry Trees in BloomFerry Boat
Treasure Boat Laden with Rice Bales and WarehousesWelcoming a Traveler on Boat HousePassengers Disembarking Boat on the Way to Oji ShrineBoating Parties on the Sumida River
The Chofu Jewel RiverOn the Shore of Shinobazu PondGathering Shellfish at Low TideShellfish Gathering
Shellfish Gathering at Low TideTravelers Asking for DirectionsTravelers Tea HouseThe Eastern Journey of the Celebrated Poet Ariwara no Narihira
Firewood Gatherers Returning HomeTransplanting Rice SeedlingsNobleman and Attendants Watching the SunriseNobleman Watching Servant Throw Bundles of Brush into a Waterfall
Young Girl Dancing at a Nobleman's MansionLive Entertainment at Nobleman's MansionNoblemen Watching Carp in a WaterfallThe Seven Gods of Good Fortune in a Lion Dance
The Swordsmith Munechika and the God of InariVisitors to the Inari Shrine at OjiImperial VisitCourtesans Listening to the Call of a Cuckoo
Dressing Room for Musicians at a TheaterLadies Trading With a Peddler of Cosmetics and AccessoriesLadies with Young Pine Trees and Mount FujiTwo Court Ladies Pulling Flower Cart
Women Imitating the Story of Narihira at YatsuhashiTwo Women Spooling SilkThree Women Tagging CranesThree Pretty Women in a Spring Garden
Three Women SewingTwo Women and Small Child Catching GoldfishYoung Women Entering the Garden of a HorticulturistWoman with Two Children and Monkey
Two Beauties Standing on Top of HillCock FightPeople Viewing Chrysanthemum ExhibitFlower Arrangement Exhibit in Pavillion by River
Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Mimeguri ShrineCherry Blossom Viewing at GotenyamaKids Playing in the Front YardThe Boys Festival
Boy Playing with a KiteVisiting the Myoken ShrinePoetry Contest with CourtiersViewing Votive Paintings
Picnic PartyMaking Paper Cords for Tying HairHanging up Dyed ClothAdmiring Wisteria
Goldfish VendorGathering HerbsCourtly event modeled on the Lanting GatheringCourtly Garden in Summer
Courtier Standing by Woman's ChamberCourtier Standing Outside Woman's ChamberCourtiers Travelling with an Ox-drawn CartParody from Twelve Fairy Tales
Farmer and Child by Rice FieldFarmer and Child on Horse Crossing a BridgeNingyo Dolls in a BoxCourtesans on a Balcony
Peasants Processing RiceAdmiring Sunset on a BeachPicnic Set and Cherry BlossomGathering Around Shinobazu Pond
Advertisement for Joruri PerformanceOsier Cutters Admiring Sunset on their Way HomeCatching FirefliesMounting Love at the Snowbound Barrier
Farmers at WorkJo And Ubi