Period 1: The Early Days up to the Hokusai Gakyojin era

Blossoming Plum BranchesSingle Bough of White Plum BlossomZhang Liang and Huang Shigong
River LandscapeWoman Spinning SilkStrolling Courtesan
Bunbuku Charama FolktaleFarmer Returning Home on His HorseTortoise from the Well
Young ManProfile of a GeishaCourtesan Flirting
Courtesan Holding a FanWoman with Umbrella under Willow BranchA Tortoise
Gyokushi and Dragon with QinThree CourtesansAn Amusement Resort at the Seashore
Courtesan Listening to a CuckooKakinomoto no HitomaroThree Woman, a child and Shinto Priest
Banana TreesLandscape in YoshiwaraBeauty Awaiting a Lover
Beauty Passing by Odawara LanternYoung Wife on her Way to take a BathA Court Maid
Cows under a Willow TreeWoman Fixing her ShoeManzai Performers
Young Merchant LadyYoung Town GirlThe Courtesan Okina
Young Wife with Odawara LanternsHawk and FishFukusuke
View of Mt FujiPilgrims at the DaibutsudenCountry Side
Duties for a Son by the Yoro no Taki WaterfallChores from a Son by the Yoro no Taki WaterfallOno no Komachi
Two CourtesansMonkey TrainerEgret on a Bridge Post
Flying Geese and SwallowsSeafood Still LifeStanding Courtesan
Courtesan LeaningScholar in a HouseBuddhist Allegory of a Priest Burning Cherry Branches
Parody of Asazuma BoatWoman Lifting a Sake BarrelBeautiful Woman Reading Poetry
Waka Poetry for the Tanabata FestivalWoman Looking at Herself in a MirrorTravelling Portrait of Matsuo Basho
Tea Whisk Seller Watching GeesePanoramic View of the Journey along the Sumida RiverBodhidharma
Fudo Myo-oTortoise and GoldfishMakeup on the New Year Morning
Wish for a New Year’s Auspicious DreamLeisurely Walk in AutumnGuo Ziyi and his Children
Beauty SeatingYoung Beauty Holding her KittenPheasant
Bamboo and Morning GloryMorning Glory on VineCarps and Turtles in a Pond