The Ghost of Oiwa

The Ghost of Oiwa
Item# the-ghost-of-oiwa

Woodblock Prints Title: The Ghost of Oiwa (Oiwa-san), from the series One Hundred Ghost Stories (Hyaku monogatari)

Publication: 1831

Size: Vertical chűban; 26.3 x 18.9 cm (10 3/8 x 7 7/16 in.)

Publisher: Tsuruya Kiemon (Senkakudô)

Signature: Saki no Hokusai hitsu


2 originals from different sources:

Estimated Value: Ref # 100G1

Other Versions:

1/Enji Takamizawa's Replica 1920

Enji Takamizawa's replicas are near perfect, and designed to deceive collectors and experts. The key blocks are very similar to the original, the paper used has the same thickness and consistency, even the hues and pigments are from the 19th century. Many museums still carry his replicas and have them listed as originals. All the replicas from this series were made based on "trimmed" originals, so Takamizawa had to "re-create" the missing edges. If it wasn't for that mistake, the set could easily pass for a second state. Images 1 & 2 are the replica, image 3 is the original for comparison.

1/ The margin is right by the wooden handle, and it is missing another set of strings above
2/ The reed leaf is much longer in the replica than in the original
3/ The corner is lacking the grey color.

An important point when it come to the value of this replica, is that since Takamizawa was attempting to sell these prints as "originals", he also priced them as such. When they were sold in the early 1920's, they were sold between $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 of today's current money value.
Estimated Value: Ref # 100G1a