Sojo Henjo

Sojo Henjo
Item# sojo-henjo

Woodblock Prints Title: Sojo Henjo

Publication: 1810

Size: Vertical ˘ban; 37.9 x 26 cm (14 15/16 x 10 1/4 in.)

Publisher: Unknwon

Signature: Katsushika Hokusai ga; Tonan sho

Notes: Henjō was the eighth son of Dainagon Yoshimine no Yasuyo, a son of Emperor Kammu who was relegated to civilian life. Henjō began his career as a courtier. He was appointed to the position of kurodo, a sort of Chamberlain of Emperor Nimmyō. In 849 he was raised to the Head of Kurodo (Kurōdonotō). After Emperor Nimmyō died in 850, Henjō became a monk out of his grief.

He was a priest of the Tendai school. In 877 he founded Gangyō-ji (元慶寺) in Yamashina, in the southeast part of Kyoto, but continued to be active in court politics. In 869 he was given another temple Urin-in or Unrin-in (雲林院) in the north of Kyoto and managed both temples. In 885 he was ranked in Sojo and called Kazan Sojo (花山僧正).

The kanji reads in Japanese: Poem (Kokinshű 165): Hachisuba no/ nigori ni shimanu/ kokoro mote/ nani ka wa tsuyu o/ tama to azamuku

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