Otomo no Kuronushi

Otomo no Kuronushi
Item# otomo-no-kuronushi

Woodblock Prints Title: Ôtomo no Kuronushi

Publication: 1810

Size: Vertical ôban; 37.9 x 26 cm (14 15/16 x 10 1/4 in.)

Publisher: Unknown

Signature: Katsushika Hokusai ga; Tonan sho

Other Versions: No known replica's

Notes: One of the six poet laureates. His poems suggest strong influence from his close ties with the lands of Omi and Shiga. According to the "Mumyosho", collected articles on poetics authored by Kamo-no-Chomei, Kuronushi ascended to the status of a god and was enshrined as a "Myojin" god in the Shiga Province of Omi. In one account, he is the same person as Otomo-no- Suguri-Kuronushi who was mentioned in the ministerial bulletin of 866 (Jogan 8). Otomo-no-Suguri is a clan seated at Otomo Village in the Shiga Province of the Omi domain.

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