Long Surimono

Turtles and Reflected Plum BranchRooster Hen Chicks and Blossoming Azalea BushesPlum Tree and Bamboo GrassBank of the Sumida River at Mimeguri
Nobleman and Attendants Watching the SunriseThe Chofu Jewel RiverLadies with Young Pine Trees and Mount FujiLadies Trading With a Peddler of Cosmetics and Accessories
On the Shore of Shinobazu PondFirewood Gatherers Returning HomeMaterials for Flower ArrangementFerry Boat
Nobleman Watching Servant Throw Bundles of Brush into a WaterfallThe Seven Gods of Good Fortune in a Lion DanceBasket of Flowers with Bamboo BlindVisitors to the Inari Shrine at Oji
Cranes Pine Shoots Plum Tree and Rising SunTransplanting Rice SeedlingsYoung Girl Dancing at a Noblemans MansionCourtesans Listening to the Call of a Cuckoo
Women Imitating the Story of Narihira at YatsuhashiTreasure Boat Laden with Rice Bales and WarehousesShinobazu Pond and UenoIris Hydrangea Pinks and Chrysanthemums
Winter LandscapeLarge LobsterBay ViewWelcoming a Traveler on Boat House
Dressing Room for Musicians at a TheaterTravelers Asking for DirectionsBlossoming Cherry Trees by a StreamAncient Plum Tree in Bloom
Imperial VisitWheeled Writing TableCock FightOmodaka Flowers
People Viewing Chrysanthemum ExhibitFlower Arrangement Exhibit in Pavillion by RiverPassengers Disembarking Boat on the Way to Oji ShrineCherry Blossom Viewing at the Mimeguri Shrine
Two Court Ladies Pulling Flower CartCherry Blossom Viewing at GotenyamaTwo Women Spooling SilkThe Boys Festival
Three Women Tagging CranesTwo Women and Small Child Catching GoldfishVisiting the Myoken ShrinePheasants Under Cherry Tree
Poetry Contest with CourtiersWoman with Two Children and MonkeyTraveling Hat with Spring Greens